Total Depth Rentals Inc.

Premium Pipe and Tool Rentals

TDR. has been providing the Williston Basin and surrounding fields  with one of the largest OCTG rental inventories in the area.

Our goal is to allow customers the ease of a one vendor solution to pipe and tool rentals, to provide all customers with a higher quality product. 

TDR provides a vast array of products allowing for the proper pipe and tools needed for the job at hand.

Click on pipe image for specs.

1.315 (1") 2.25lb L-80 CS-Hyd

1.660 (1 1/4") 3.02LB L-80 CS-Hyd

2 3/8 4.7lb L-80 CS-Hyd

2 3/8 4.7lb L-80 Eue8rd

2 3/8 5.95lb P-110 Ph6

2 3/8 5.95lb L-80 Ph6

2 7/8 6.5lb L-80 Eue8rd

2 7/8 7.9lb P-110 Ph6

3 1/2 9.3lb L-80 Eue8rd

3 1/2 10.3lb L-80 CS-Hyd

3 1/2 12.95lb L-80 Ph6

3 1/2 12.95lb P-110 Ph6

4 1/2 15.50lb P-110 Ph6

4 1/2 11.6lb HCP-110 LT&C Range III

4 1/2 13.50lb HCP-110 LT&C Range III